About Us

Adhoc Teknoloji A.Ş., to design and produce high-tech solutions in the field of Communication Technologies; It was established by a team with deep knowledge, who have worked in the sector for many years (30+) under the titles of Design, System Design and Program Management. Our vision is to build an engineering powerhouse by recruiting top-talent and undertaking extremely challenging projects. The main purpose is to contribute to the economic development of our country by developing competitive products with the world, and by transferring the deep knowledge gained over the years to the sector. For this purpose, the following fields are determined as the main fields of activity of our company;

  • Large/medium/small scale Communication System Design (designing systems to meet different needs)

  • Project-based product development for high-performance hardware/software

  • Communication product development (chip, card, module, device)

  • High-performance hardware development

  • High-performance software development

Our work is carried out by our team, who has deep knowledge of high-quality processes (Design, System, Program), within the framework of world-renowned quality standards (ISO, CMMI, etc). Adhoc Teknoloji A.Ş. while serving its customers, prioritizes the commitment to ethics, honesty, quality and reliability. Adhoc Teknoloji A.Ş. while providing its services with acquired experience, it aims to use different business models, not only to take into account the preferences of the customers but also to work with its customers to provide high-quality services.

Our Mission - Vision

Our Mission

To create value for our country and humanity by creating an engineering team that can be compete with the whole world and never compromise on ethical rules, and by designing high-quality and high-performance products that can compete with the whole world in the field of communication.

Our Vision

To offer system, hardware and software solutions that aim at human and make life easier, using the most up-to-date technologies, with high performance, customer focus and sustainability. The design team, which has high competence in its field and is proud of the solutions they produce, forms the basis of this vision. We will be effective with solutions that make a difference in the country as well as abroad. The corporate values that Adhoc Teknoloji will rely on its efforts to realize its mission and achive its vision have been determined as follows:

  • Ethics, Respect and Empathy
  • Expertise and Merit
  • Innovation and Excellence
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Rights and Sustainability
  • Environment Friendly
  • Transparent and Sharing Management (partnership opportunity for employees)


  • Secure Communication System/Product Design, Development, Implementation, Integration, Test, Deployment for Strategic, Tactical, Public Safety and Public Communication

  • High Performance Communication System/Product Design,

  • High Data Rate Communication System/Product Design,

  • High Performance IP Core Designs for FPGA/Asic

  • Software Defined Communication Product (Software Defined Radio, Modem, etc.) Design,

  • Waveform Design for Wireline and Wireless Communication,

  • Optimized High Performance HW/SW Co-Design for Embedded Systems,

  • System Engineering for Communication Systems,

  • Telemetry System/Product Design,

  • Data Link System/Product Design,

  • Satellite Communications,

  • Process Development and Optimization.

Our Board

Prof. Dr. Erdal ARIKAN



Vice Chairman


Board Member

Şenol UZUN

Board Member

Our Team

Our Company has become able to provide new employment in a short time with the projects it carries out and has become employing 20 people in a short time period of 2 years.

Most of the employees has more than 15 years of experience in Electronic Hardware, Software, FPGA and Communication System design fields, and they have all kinds of advanced complex design and implementation competence in these fields with the depth of knowledge they have in their fields.